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Resin Bound vs. Block Paving

Master Seal offer attractive and durable Resin solutions for your property improvement project. Another option many people consider for their driveways, patios and walkways is block paving. Here we explain the differences between Resin Bound and Block Paving solutions.

Resin Bound

Our Resin Bound solutions produce a smooth and sturdy finish for your drive or walkway. Resin Bound also improves the accessibility of your home or commercial property by not leaving any bumps or grooves that could be a hazard for your visitors.

Resin Bound is our most popular product because...

✔ Surface is smooth and free of cracks or other blemishes

✔ Available in multiple colours to fit the era and style of your home or premises

✔ More durable than most popular driveway surfaces such as concrete

✔ 10 year guarantee for these solutions

✔ Boosts accessibility for your property (ideal for children or those with disabilities)

✔ Potentially increase the value of your property

✔ Easy to clean and allows water to pass through

Block Paving

Block paving requires much more maintenance than our Resin Bound solutions and, in the long run, is less durable and attractive.

Reasons to avoid block paving for your driveway...

✖ Susceptible to weed growth

✖ Requires regular pressure washing

✖ Colour can fade due to UV exposure

✖ Susceptible to puddling and flooding during heavy rain

Don't Get Ripped Off On Your Driveway

Installing Resin is a specialist job and unfortunately some companies offer inferior services. At Master Seal we never cut corners. Here are some things that can go wrong if you don't choose a reputable fitter like us...

✖ Incorrect Trim and Edging can leave a messy boundary for your driveway

✖ Incorrect Mixing Procedures can lead to discolouration of your surface

✖ Discolouration can also be caused by not using a catalyst in low, humid or damp conditions.

Terms & Conditions

We offer our guarantee as a matter of course. Our guarantee will vary dependant on whether it is an overlay or full dig out. We may consider other factors such as subsidence and other aggravating factors such as tree roots. On a full dig you will receive a solid 10 year guarantee. On a partial dig out and overlay this will vary dependant on the base. Please speak to our surveyance team for clarification.