SUDS Compliance

You may have heard the expression "SUDS compliant" when discussing a driveway. On this page we aim to provide you with all you need to know about it and why it is important. Master Seal Solutions provide surfacing which is SUDS compliant and our specialists are always on hand to advise further.

What is SUDS Compliant?

SUDS stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage System and means that a surface provides natural water drainage. This helps to alleviate potential problems such as flooding and puddling which can cause damage and disruption to the local area. Some surfaces such as tarmac are not SUDS compliant as they do not allow water to pass through. This means additional drainage measures are required with such surfaces (as seen on roads around the UK).

Are The Driveways You Install SUDS Compliant?

Yes! Our Resin Bound surfaces are SUDS compliant meaning that you will not require any planning permission (in the vast majority of cases) or additional drainage installed when you choose to have this type of driveway installed by us. Resin Bound aggregates have small holes that allow water to pass through into the ground, providing they are laid on a porous base as ours are.

You can find more information about SUDS compliance on the Gov.UK website.

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